Artist Profile - Jonathan "Chado" Machado

We are bringing you the first in our series of artist profiles of our awesome and talented staff here at Cthulhu Tattoo! Let's start with Chado, not *only* because he was the first to get back to us with the answers to the questions, but mostly because that's why.

Chado is a bit of a mystery. He's never given us a bio so we thought it was possible he came from another dimension. Although I learned from this Q&A he's a lightning-type from El Salvador. Some mysteries are revealed bit by bit! 

Our profiles will take the form of 10 Q&A questions so you can get to know a little more about the folks that make Cthulhu what it is -- a welcoming, not-too-serious-but-still-really-awesome tattoo and piercing shop.

Q&A With Jonathan "Chado" Machado

Q: What's your favorite thing about tattooing?

A: Shaking the bottles. That, and drawing on people is really fun.

Q: What would you sing at karaoke night?

A: I can't sing very well so maybe not karaoke but I like singing in the shower. Maybe some Luke Combs or Kane Brown.

Q: Who would play you in the movie of your life?

A: Danny Trejo

Q: What's your favorite fast food place?

A: Idk about fast food but I could go for some Chinese!

Q: What do you wish would come back into fashion?

A: Fashion hasn't ever been my thing. I'm a black shirt and jeans kinda guy. Maybe skater shoes ya know the big fluffy kind. Some DCs or Etnies.

Q: What's your motto?

A: Hakuna Machado. See what I did there?

Q: How long would you last without the internet?

A: I’d probably flourish without internet. I’m from El Salvador so growing up we had leaves, sticks and matches to play with. If I was lucky it’d be my turn to use the shovel. Just kidding I’d probably die without it.

Q: If you could instantly solve one world crisis, what would it be?

A: Idk between hunger or homelessness. Everyone gets a small house and some land to grow food on.

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve?

A: Hagglers. I've been doing this too long and I'm good enough to set my prices fairly. My art isn't for everyone's budget.

Q: What's your spirit animal?


So there you have it, folks! Book a session with Chado today!